So we service essentially the entire Bay Area, except San Fran (sorry guys, parking is a b****), and we just want everyone to know about our accomplishment.  As an HVAC and solar company, we’re sure to provide the highest quality equipment, but what some companies overlook is customer service, but for us, that’s where we focus.  Below is the press release we’re publishing and we hope you enjoy.


Supreme Air Systems Award

Excellence in Customer Satisfaction

Campbell, 80 Gilman Ave. Suite 1, August 2, 2016– In this increasingly ratings-based world, having a high customer satisfaction rating can put you above the rest.  For Supreme Air Systems, that is exactly what they’ve done.  They have highly trained technicians that know how to service, maintain, and install any heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, but they’ve gone above and beyond in ensuring that their customers experience the best customer service as well.  They were recognized for their Excellence in Customer Satisfaction by Pulse of the City News:

“The team at Supreme Air Systems is very excited and honored to have been recognized as #1 in Customer Service by Pulse of the City.  Working today with tomorrow’s technology and yesterday’s ethics.  Striving to treat our customers with the utmost respect, having a genuine interest in our customer’s goals and sincere appreciation for them doing business with us.  We will continue to deliver ‘Great customer service’ for years to come”

-Team Supreme

American Standard, which they are an Independent Contractor for, has also given Supreme Air Systems high ratings, best west of the Mississippi.  Supreme Air Systems is owned by Alan Sennert and he is actively involved in communicating with customers, having personal relationships with most customers.  However, all the employees at Supreme Air Systems are to be recognized for their excellence in customer service, every employee maintains personal relationships with the customers they service and bend over backwards to ensure their satisfaction.

They reached this high level of customer satisfaction by:

  • Always providing the highest quality equipment delivered by happy and helpful technicians and installers
  • Their office staff goes the extra mile to help their customers with whatever they may need


Supreme Air Systems is a family owned and operated company that has been in business for over 16 years.  They pride themselves on providing the highest quality products matched with the highest quality of customer service.  This is not their first customer satisfaction recognition, and definitely not their last, but each one is special to them and is why they continue doing what they do.

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