Who doesn’t remember this movie?  And fortunately, Home automation nowadays is so simple it doesn’t have to become some sort of horror movie!  There are a vast amount of options that make your home more secure and simpler to use.  Let’s talk about security first.  It’s a scary thing and anyone can fall victim to it.  Every 13 seconds, there is a home intrusion, that amounts to 2.5+ million  intrusions per year.  If that isn’t scary enough, let’s add that most happen while we are at school or work.  BUT there’s no reason to be worried anymore because some techies have thought of a solution to this problem.

There are new security systems out there that monitor your house day and night.  Not only does it give you real-time updates of your home, but you can also program it to alert you when your kids get home, see what your pets are up to and automate your locks, lights, coffeemakers, etc., from the convenience of your smart phone, laptop or desktop.  Set it up to sync with your doorbell so when someone knocks on the door, you can check from your phone to see if it is someone you know or if you need to send them on their way.  These smart security systems make it so you can feel safe while at home and anywhere around the world.  Leaving on vacation, can’t remember if you locked the front door?  No longer something to worry about.  What I personally find really cool is that you can sync it with your smart thermostat as well.  (I may be biased about this aspect, but I promise there are benefits that everyone can enjoy, not just us HVAC nerds :P)old therm


That’s fancy for an old thermostat, look, it has a clock!  The brink of technological advancement for what I can only imagine is the 70’s (look at that wood paneling lol), but we have come so far now!  There’s thermostats that can be programmed to turn on at certain times, set to your preferred temperature and, my favorite part, learn your preferences and adjust accordingly to keep you comfortable without breaking the bank.  These thermostats learn the typical time you come home each day so that they can turn on and have the house feel how you want when you get home without having to run the system all day long.  Home temperature, heating and cooling, typically accounts for more than half the utility bill so finding a way to reduce those costs is great for your wallet and also great for the environment.  Some thermostats even show you a leaf when you are setting it to environmentally friendly temperatures so you can know when you’re doing good.

Both these options offer smart phone apps so you can adjust your home comfort system from wherever you want. (Notice the wood paneling? Just keeping it consistent 😛 lol)  You can get real-time updates on the energy consumption your heating and cooling system is using, which means you can adjust it to ensure the most efficient use of your money.  In addition to that, it can tell you how quickly your home will get to your desired temperature, which prevents people from falling for the myth that setting the temp to the lowest it can go will cool your house faster.  These systems put the control in your hands, which means you don’t have to worry about Pat turning into a tornado and destroying your house!