This blog series is coming to an end, but we’re finishing on the most relevant post for the upcoming winter months.  No one likes to suffer through the cold, but blasting up the heater will make your wallet suffer even more.  Following these little tips will help you get through the winter months with a smile on your face.

Heating System

So just like our post about cooling systems, we will give you a few ways to prevent your home from getting too cool and then I’ll tell you how to reduce your energy costs for when using your furnace is absolutely necessary.

Preventative Measures

  • Let the sun shine in!  Open those drapes, blinds and curtains, that natural sunlight can do wonders in warming your home.
  • Close the flue in your fireplace, this prevents any warm air from escaping or any cool air from seeping in.
  • Putting a glass cover over your fireplace can make closing the flue even more effective.
  • You know those wood floors are beautiful and a great help in the summer, but when it comes to winter, putting down a rug or carpet can help cozy up your home.


  • When you turn on your thermostat, raise the temperature slowly.  Turning it to a high temp. will only waste a ton of energy, it’s a myth that it will warm your home faster.
  • Set it to the lowest possible comfort level.  Each time you lower your thermostat by 1 degree, it could potentially lower your energy bills by 3%.
  • For more efficient heating, don’t cover any air vents with anything.  It will block the airflow which will increase the time it takes to warm your home.
  • More importantly, proper furnace maintenance ensures that your furnace will operate at it’s most efficient level.  It also makes your home healthier.
  • When you’re home, try to keep the thermostat temperature closer to the temperature outside.  This makes it easier for your furnace to do it’s job.
  • When you leave for a short amount of time, i.e. work, school, errands, etc., lower the temperature in your home by a few degrees.
  • If you leave for a long time, vacation, business trip, you get the idea, turn your thermostat to 60 degrees.  It will keep it at a steady temp and will make it easier to warm your home when you return.

These are all pretty reasonable changes we can all make to reduce our amount of energy use.  Plus, if our homes are a little cooler, our blankets and hot cocoa are exponentially more cozy.  Stay warm out there this winter.

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