The holidays is a time where we end up spending extra money no matter what, so unless we decide to give up gift giving, food eating and all that other holiday cheer, I think where we should try to cut back on our spending, is the holiday decorations.  With the increase in LED lighting availability, energy consumption due to holiday lighting doesn’t have to be so bad anymore.  We’re going to go over a few ways you can cut back on energy consumption this holiday season.

  1. Switch to LED
    • Whether you’re hanging lights inside or outside, switching to LED will save you money.  For outdoors, make the switch, it might be a bigger investment right now to switch to new lights, but long term, it’ll save you much more.  Plus, do you really want to untangle them from last year?  LED bulbs also last longer, so you can have them for longer, not worry about them eating up all your electricity and they tend to shine brighter too.  I only hear good things about them.  For indoors, you can also switch to LED, but get the battery operated lights, combined with rechargeable batteries, you’ll be basically unstoppable!  They look just like the traditional plug-in that we’re used
  2. Go Green!
    • You know what? Wreaths can actually be hung up all around the house, not just the front door!  Or try garland, tinsel, ornaments, your kids’ drawings, whatever you want, to give your home that holiday cheer.  You can decorate indoors without even using lights!  If you use garland from a Christmas tree lot, it’ll be real tree and add that holiday smell to your home without any extra energy costs.  Look how this simple garland decoration brings the holiday spirit to this home.xmas-card-stairs-e1355833965125
  3. Automate
    • Using a timer on your lights not only takes the hassle out of having to turn your lights on and off every night, but it ensures you don’t use it for too much of the day.  If you don’t want to switch all your lights to a timer, then might we suggest using a power strip?  That way, you can just turn the power switch on and off when you want to see your beautiful lights.
  4. Simplify
    • Simplify your decorations.  Don’t make an extra trip to the Christmas tree lot for garland that will end up being thrown away.  Don’t upgrade to LED, don’t use lights at all.  Just go out, buy a few decorations that you can store from year to year.  It adds a simple, holiday spirit to your home without too much effort, waste or energy consumption.  Check out how sweet, simple, and Christmas-y this mantel is.


These small changes will help you save money!  And all that extra money can go towards buying gifts for the ones you love, including yourself 😉 I mean, look at all that money you’re saving yourself, you deserve it!


Happy holidays from Supreme Air Systems, we hope these few tips will help you out.