You may want to make the best of a rainy day by going outside in all your rain gear and splashing around in puddles, and don’t get us wrong, you totally should, but take these precautions with you so your day of fun is still a safe one.


  1. Thunder!
    • If you hear thunder, try to get indoors.  Then stay indoors until 30 minutes after the last bit of thunder you hear.  It can be stuck indoors, but there’s always popcorn, movies, board games and much more to keep you entertained until it’s safe to go out again.
  2. Lightning!
    • Avoid at all costs!  If you are outdoors when you see lightning, seek shelter.  If you can’t, make sure not to stand in an open field where you are the tallest object around.  Also avoid standing too close to stand alone trees.
  3. Floodwater!
    • Although it could be fun to stomp around in, be careful.  If you want to let your kids or pets play in the water, make sure not to let them drink any of the water and be sure to get them cleaned up as soon as you get home.  The water could be contaminated with sewage water, yuck!  Also be sure they have protective gear on, the rain can easily uproot things so sharp objects could be floating around waiting to sink in to exposed skin (or puppy pads).
  4. Powerlines!
    • If you see any fallen powerlines, steer clear.  They could still be conducting electricity, so if you get too close, you could be electrocuted.  Water is a great conductor of electricity, so especially in the rain, it’s important to avoid power lines.  Call 911 to report a fallen powerline.  For more information about fallen power line safety, read about it on PG&E.

Being outdoors in the rain can be fun, but follow these tips to keep you and your loved ones safe.  For more information about rain safety, keep up to date with our future blog posts about indoor safety and power outages.  Follow us on Twitter and like our page on Facebook for up to date alerts about when our blogs are published.