Silicon Valley is definitely changing from Winter to Spring.  Little flowers blooming everywhere, ducklings wondering about and the heat is picking up.  To prepare for this change, homeowners and tenants should take a look at their HVAC equipment to make sure it’s ready for the upcoming hotter months.

DIY Maintenance

  • Change the filter.  Going into a new season is the perfect time to make sure you have a clean filter on the unit.  It can help the unit run more efficiently and improve the health of your home.  Plus, spring is full of pollen so the better the filter, the better your allergies.
  • Clean up your outdoor condensing unit.  Pick up debris, weeds, leaves, etc, from around the unit.
  • Turn on your cooling system before a super hot day to make sure it’s working.  It always happens, units break down in the peak of the season and then you and 100 other people are trying to get service at the same time.  Instead of being stuck in the jumble, check your unit beforehand so you have time to get the repairs done.

Professional Maintenance

  • Deep clean the unit.  Clean the indoor and outdoor coils, blower, motor and electrical wiring.  Clean units ensure proper and more efficient function.
  • Airflow is also an important component that should be monitored.
  • Checking refrigerant levels should be done as well.  If there is an alarmingly low amount, the technician can check for a leak.  A leak can be detrimental to your cooling system.  And if there isn’t a leak, then the technician can refill it to make sure you have enough.
  • Lubricating moving parts is a crucial part of the maintenance process.  Improves efficiency and function.
  • Lastly, the technician should calibrate the thermostat to make sure the cooling system is communicating like you want it to.

These maintenance tips will help with the proper function of your cooling system, prevent costly repairs, improve the health of your home, lower utility bills and extend the life of your equipment.  Maintenance is suggested to be done annually and required to be done by a professional.  Handling refrigerant without a license is against the law, so make sure to leave it to the pros.

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