The exterior of your home has faced the most wear and tear it’ll endure all year long, so now it’s time to clean things up for Spring.  After this seriously rain-filled fall and winter, homes are going to be more worn than usual, so it’s important to examine all areas to check for damage or leaks.  Let’s go over some areas that need to be inspected:


  • The roof should be checked for broken or missing shingles.  Right now is a good time to fix and/or replace them.
  • While on the roof, clean out the gutter.  Remove all the debris from the gutters, scoop out and throw out into trash bag.  Once the bag gets a bit heavy, drop it to the ground, it isn’t safe to try and climb down the ladder with heavy, debris-filled trash bags.
    • Once the gutters are cleaned out, it’s a good time to check for leaks or damage.  Run the hose, anywhere there is leaking water, seal it up.  Gutters that don’t work properly, can make it so water isn’t pushed away from your home and can cause damage to your foundation.


  • Now walk around the home and examine the windows.  Old/cracking caulk or weather strips need to be replaced.  At the very least, it’ll help insulate your home to make sure that cool air you pay for stays inside.
    • If your windows are getting old, it might be better to replace them to ensure the most insulation.
  • Check walkways for cracks and broken or uneven surfaces.  Repair so that your home is surrounded by a safe, level walking area.


  • Clear out weeds, rake up old leaves, plan out what plants you want in your garden, inspect trees, rid of any dead limbs, trim bushes and make sure all plants have a 10 foot clearing from electric/power lines.
  • Tune-up lawn equipment.  Whether it be a lawn mower, tractor, or any other equipment, make sure it’s working, oiled up and stored in a vented area.

These are just some tips to prep the outside of your home for the upcoming Spring and Summer months.  Stay tuned for our blog post about the interior of your home.  For up to date notifications on our blog about fun and helpful tips for spring cleaning, follow us on Twitter and like our page on Facebook!