Spring cleaning is important to keep your home looking and feeling fresh for the upcoming season.  There are a few things you should definitely spruce up.


  • Dust around the home, during Winter, we tend to be less active, which means dust can easily settle in our homes.  To make sure the Spring allergies aren’t too horrid, dust around the house to get ahead of the pollen.
  • Clean your windows.  A good scrub both inside and outside will help let in more natural light, which is a great way to save on some money, especially with the influx of energy that will be used on cooling your home.
  • Spring is a great time to go through old clothes, shoes, books, movies, etc., that way your home can get a fresh start.  Either host a garage sale or donate them to your local donation center.  (Get a receipt and you can use it as a tax write-off, ’tis the season.)
  • Clean off ceiling fans.  Last thing you want after you’ve done your Spring cleaning is to turn on your ceiling fan and have your home showered in months and months of dust.


Since you’re moving about the house already, it’s a great time to inspect some neglected areas.

  • First, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms are often ignored, unfortunately, this is terribly dangerous.  Check them twice a year to ensure proper function, it may just save your life.
  • Check the light bulbs around your home.  Make sure they’re all the proper wattage, otherwise it could be a hazard.  If you find any dead bulbs, then consider the switch over to LED bulbs, better for your wallet.
  • Electrical outlets and wires around the house can get damaged over time, so it’s good to check them periodically to make sure there aren’t any fire hazards present.
  • Speaking of fire hazards, inspect your fire extinguisher, including hose, nozzles and any other parts.  If the pressure gauge is no longer in the green, replace it.  If you’re unsure where to recycle your old one, check here: www.earth911.com.
  • Lastly, inspect your attic and basement for excess moisture and possible insect or pest inhabitants.  Now is a great time to address humidity levels and rid of any unwanted house guests.

We’re big fans of Spring, the lovely flowers, the cute baby animals joining the world, the beautiful sunny days, but when we don’t do proper Spring maintenance, we face problems as we enter into Summer.  We hope these little tips will help you prepare for Spring.  Follow us on Twitter and like our page on Facebook for up to date notifications on new blog posts.