Summer is the time for clean cut lawns, gardening and weed pulling.  How are/can these activities harm your air conditioner?  Well it can create debris build up in your A/C, slowing down the cooling process and causing premature damage.  How can we prevent this?  Well, there are simple things you can do!

When mowing the lawn, make sure to have a bag to catch clippings when close to the A/C.  If not, then the loose grass clipping can go flying into the condenser.  Those little bits can cause damage to the blower, fins, and coils.  If you don’t have a lawnmower with a bag, trim around the condenser by hand.


If you plan to do some landscaping, make sure to plant trees, bushes, flowers, etc., a ways away from the condenser.  For the same reason as the trimming around the condenser instead of using the lawnmower.  Debris causes damage to your unit.

Weeds can grow into the unit if you don’t maintain them.  Best thing to do is treat the area around the condenser before weeds grow into it.  If those little buggers get the best of you, make sure to hand pull them as to ensure that debris doesn’t get into the condenser.

Most importantly, when using a leaf blower, make sure you are blowing away from the condenser.  Leaf blowers can be pretty powerful and can blow larger things in like leaves, sticks, pebbles, and rocks.  This can cause more serious damage to your condenser.


So go ahead and make your lawn beautiful this summer, but make sure to follow these tips to protect your condenser!