We may be mostly out of our California drought, but the summer days still call for water conservation.  You can work towards water conservation in everyday life, with these simple lifestyle changes.

Turn it Off

When using your faucet, turn off the water as much as you can.  For instance, when you’re brushing your teeth, only have the water on when wetting your toothbrush and rinsing it off.

Another time you can cut back is when doing the dishes and washing your car.  Having the water run constantly can waste gallons of water.  Not only is this wasteful, but it’s draining your wallet as well.

Reduce your Use

There are ways that you can reduce the amount and the times you use it.  If you want to run a load of laundry, make sure it’s a full load.  If you are maintaining your green lawn, water your lawns at times when evaporation is least likely, let it brown, or upgrade to artificial grass.  And when showering, keep it under 5 minutes.   Each minute shaven off per shower saves 2 gallons of water, wow!

Repair and Replace

Check all inside and outside your house for leaks.  Even the smallest of leaks can create the largest of problems.  And go around your house and replace heavy water usage appliances.  Most importantly, switch to a low-flow toilet.  An average toilet will use 3-5 gallons per flush, but a low-flow toilet will use half that amount.

None of these tips will alter your lifestyle very much at all, but it will help your wallet and the environment by a whole lot.