Let’s face it, HVAC isn’t the most attractive appliance or accessory to have in your home, but it is pretty essential.  So in order to keep your home looking good, we wanted to share some tips to either disguise or beautify the registers and thermostats around your home.

Let’s start with the thermostat.  There are three things you could do:

  1. Hide the thermostat.  You can put a picture on a hinge and place it over the thermostat.  It’s still easy access to change the comfort in your home, but adds a touch of beauty to the room.decorative-thermostat-cover
  2. Frame the thermostat…literally!  Put a fancy frame around the thermostat to make it stand out on it’s own or blend in with the other artwork.
  3. Upgrade to a thermostat that looks like a piece of art.  The new state of the art technology can add that touch of modern to your home, both aesthetically and technically.  Read more for some options on smart thermostats.

Now we’ll go over some ways you can switch up your registers to make them go along with the rest of your interior.

  1. Blend it in.  It’s pretty easy to remove the registers, paint it the same color as your walls, ceilings or floors, and put back.  It won’t blend in perfectly because it still has texture to it, but at least it won’t stand out because of it being a different color.a0d81bae2ae7be62e95fa2776291659d-ac-vent-vent-covers.jpg
  2. Make it stand out! Mix it up, find a register design that fits the style of your home.  You can custom order them or stop by any home improvement store to check out their supply.  See more register variety.168ab1cf76bea0658c4ab36bc8835ccb-return-air-vent-air-vent-covers.jpg
  3. Do the exact opposite of standing out, hide it completely.  You can put a cabinet in front of your registers to cover them up, but you have to cut a hole in the back to make sure air still gets through.  Now this solution might cause lower airflow just because of the obstruction, but as long as there are enough holes/vents in the cabinet, you’ll be okay.  8a48a0efdb0e13e011eb3078846c30ce--return-air-vent-vent-covers

These little tricks can add beauty to your home without taking away any comfort from your HVAC system.  If you want to upgrade your thermostat to make it more modern, we can help, give us a call at 408-376-0406 or contact us online at www.SupremeAir.net.