We give a lot of advice on what to do to care for your A/C, but now we want to share some advice on what not to do.  There are ways that we can be hard our systems without realizing it.

What to avoid:

  • Planting right around your A/C
    • Having plants right there can cause damage by either letting debris into the A/C or not allowing it to breathe
  • Letting your pets near it
    • If your pet has decided to relieve themselves on the outdoor unit, it can cause some serious corrosion
  • Blocking your A/C
    • We understand outdoor units aren’t the most attractive, but if you plan to hide yours, make sure it’s with something easily removeable and consult your User Manual or HVAC professional to make sure you’re meeting clearance regulations
    • Many times we’ve showed up to a service call and we are unable to service the A/C because there’s a fence, bench, large bush, etc. blocking access to the ports to test the functionality of the unit
  • Closing your air vent, aka registers
    • Closing the air vents to certain parts of your home can cause strain for your A/C.  If you really want to have more control over the temperatures in each room, it might be better to consider a zoned system
  • Trying to fix it yourself
    • Even if the repair is minor, attempting to repair it yourself could make the problem worse

These little tips will help your A/C last longer and have fewer needed repairs.  If you face any issues with your A/C, we can help you out, just give us a call at 408-376-0406 or visit us online at www.SupremeAir.net.