There’s an estimated 30% of adults suffering from insomnia, what if I told you it could be improved by regulating the temperature in your room?  The ideal temperature for sleeping is between 65-72 degrees.  Suggesting a specific temperature is hard because it definitely varies per person, but being in that range should help your body achieve that calm state necessary for falling asleep and staying asleep.

Our body temperature plays a huge role in our sleep cycle.  Maintaining a body temperature is a lot of work on our bodies, so if we sleep in a room that is either too hot or too cold, it makes it harder for our bodies to calm and go to sleep.  So we’ll share some ways to avoid tossing and turning all night long.

In the Heat

  1. The easiest solution is to run your A/C, that’s a really great and simple way to maintain indoor temperature.
  2. If you don’t have A/C, run a fan.  Keep a fan blowing towards you because even though it doesn’t actually cool at all, it can make your body think it’s 2-5 degrees cooler in the room.
  3. Use a wet towel.  Place it on your forehead, behind your neck or on your feet.
  4. Put a frozen towel in your pillow case.  It won’t stay cool all night, but it will at least help you fall asleep.

In the Cold

  1. Use your heater.  In the state of CA, it is illegal to live in a home without heating, it’s considered a necessity, not a luxury.  So use that necessity!
  2. Say you want to save some bucks and not use it, then pile on the blankets.  That’s an easy and free option to stay warm.
  3. Most importantly, keep your toes warm! Well your whole foot actually, cold feet can be the largest disruptor of sleep.  Take advantage of those super warm, super cozy and super cute fuzzy socks during the winter time!
  4. Heat your sheets, pillow case, or fuzzy socks.  Throw them in the dryer before going to bed.  Just like the frozen towel, it won’t maintain that temperature all night, but it will at least help you get to sleep.

Insomnia is a serious issue and we in no way think we can solve the problem with these little tips, but we hope that we can help fix one of the symptoms.  Follow us on Twitter and like our page on Facebook for other fun and easy tips about heating, cooling, energy savings, and more!  And if you need assistance with any heating or cooling needs, give us a call at 408-376-0406 or visit us online,