Summertime has a multitude of ways to increase our energy use so we wanted to share some tips on how to reduce!

  • Reduce unnecessary energy use
    • Turn off fans when you leave the room.  They do nothing to cool it down, so a fan running in an empty room is a waste of energy
    • Plug “vampire” electronics into a power strip that you can turn on and off.  Vampire electronics are those that draw power even when they aren’t on: game consoles, TVs, coffeemakers, laptops, and many more.  To see how much money you could save, check out this Vampire Slayer Calculator
    • Raise the temperature, both in your home and for your fridge.  It’s only necessary to be 37 degrees for the fridge and 0 degrees for the freezer, any lower than that and you’re using unnecessary energy
    • Grill instead of bake.  The food is super tasty, adds a fun BBQ element to dinner, reduces use of your oven and reduces strain on your A/C because you aren’t heating your home up
  • Work smarter, not harder
    • Run your dishwasher during non-peak hours, between 7PM and 10AM.  Utility companies charge more during the peak hours, so choose your time wisely.
    • Try running your washing machine at the same time as your dishwasher.  The water is heated at the same location whether it is going to the dishwasher or washing machine, so by running them at the same time, you make it so you don’t have to use energy to heat it twice.
      • You can also wash your clothes in cold water to make it even less energy.  Most detergents nowadays work just as well in cold water as in hot water.
  • Lastly, make sure you don’t have any leaks, water or air.  Frequently check your home for water leaks, it’ll prevent water damage and water waste.  But something we don’t always think about is air waste.  The gaps around windows and doors in the average American home is like having a gaping 3×3 foot hole in your wall.
    • Block those leaks with towels or get them caulked.  That way the air you’re paying to cool down will stay inside!

These simple hacks will make your home more comfortable and your wallet full, which means more money for fun activities like county fairs, water parks, and summertime concerts!

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